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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a lot of watching and waiting as a system muezzins to the area -- moves into the area. we are in a winter and pfizer. how long can we expect this? >> it you look at our map, you can see it will of effective. if this is where the slippery road conditions will develop. the doppler shows this snow moving in. you can see the heavier bands coming in. this will cut across the corridor. there is more out to the west of us. and looks like some snow tonight. how meissner do we expect? >> -- how much snow do we
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expect? he will have that. >> we in by e to wake up beginning at 5:00 the a.m.. markoff falkenhan died in a fire. they transferred falkenhan 's body today. how the fire fighters are coping with this loss. >> they say they are not ready to talk. there are flying their flag at half mast tonight. they are holding on to memories of mark falkenhan . it to be tougher than to go back to work. >> it'll be difficult in terms of the shop.
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they are passing by wearing his coat hangs on the hook or seeing he is no longer on the shift. >> here is a member of the volunteer fire company. the father later died after a call went out she says the debt will be so unique. >> they are our heroes. if they are supposed to be helping in saving lives, not losing their own. it is difficult for people in this type of service profession to let their hair down. >> it is important that they have enough time to do so to prevent disorder. >> the most important thing is
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to have support. they are not isolating themselves or burying themselves. >> it may be helpful to celebrate his life. de >> it is a memorializing. it is helping the famous charity. >> that are asking them to be made to the fallen firefighters foundation. we are live tonight in baltimore county. >> one man is in the hospital after being shot during a dispute. the government remains on the loose. they are not releasing any details. when caught, they will be
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charge with assault with intent to murder. >> they found two bodies inside a very all condominium. they were about inside the home after family members of one of the victims called police. they say they've never heard from then in over a month. the deaths are being classified as suspicious. thehey've been looking into reports of human remains in the 400 block. they have found nothing in the felicia barnes case. new questions about the ability to about the breaking news. a detective allegedly shot inside a parking garage. we have details. >> police responded to the downtown parking garage of around 9:00 tuesday night. the detectives suffered a wound
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to his left eye inside the rise as u.s. retrieving personal items from his car. they reported he was approached by a man with a gun and that the officer pulled a service weapon. the man got away. he is able to give a description of the suspect. police canvassed the grudge. sources say that they have found little to suggest another person was involved. investigators are pursuing the possibility that it was accidental. >> police spokesperson told 11 news that police did not have enough evidence to have the support or contradict that statement. they are investigating.
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>> the treasury department says they have passed $14 trillion in debt. there is a cap on how much the government can legally barrault. some speculate the while leaders it will be raised, republicans will use the issue to for spending cuts. it was the economy that too is the focus in annapolis. there are signs that the area has economic growth throughout maryland. >> baltimore city and the counties are leading the state in economic recovery. this is the under way since june, 2009. >> they are lucky to be here. there has been outperforming region. >> the chairman and ceo of the policy group reaps the budget
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and taxation committee on the status of the revival. >> a few hotels have opened up. they have to have some level of staffing to operate. the other factor is redolent -- is reds -- restaurants. >> the banks are not letting it out. >> for those who have good credit, it has a vivid and amounts of money so that the loans are there, there is plenty of money out there. and there is plenty of affordable money. >> the key is job creation. healthcare and education provided the most. opportunities for employment are
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poor. government of are becoming scarce. the unemployment rate remains 7.4%. that is low compared to the national average. >> that is david reporting. the governor plans to do reveal his agenda on monday where he will introduce legislation to help job growth in maryland the state's largest employees union have come to terms on a new three-year contract. it includes a bonus and five paid furlough days. they are guaranteed raises for employees working dogs above their pay grade in defending revenues.
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alice went out to union members this week. they have until january 31 team of them in. and a plum rates are becoming an issue even though the economy is said -- high unemployment rate are becoming an issue even though the economy is said to recover. some employers are looking for potential hires by themselves are before a job is posted. many are using sites like linedin. >> they are using a multitude of ways. they are not is in the mainstream preve.
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>> marriott international finance at 71. allen hamilton ranked 85. atland's morningstar finish 95. this is based on paychecks and colleagues for the. the cat was found with a bear trap connected to his pop. some of his bones are said to be broken and that may have to be amputated. he is said to be doing well. >> you see the best and worst of people. how he can end up like this is awful. then people will come along and they will adopt them and take care of him. he will bring such a joy. then you'll see all the goodness
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that the circle does bring. >> it is unclear where the track came from. >> a cold kidnapping case come 23-years old days of unbelievable turn. the details you do not want to miss. a charge against a local jewish community. >> this is a historic day down. the fed crack's the moble wide- open. one of the biggest bust in u.s. history. the same system that is causing problems in the midwest is coming our way. >> we can see it. this will bring us a little snow and a blast of snow. >> first come a check on the tonight show. >> good show tonight.
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we will have a been athletic -- ben affleck on the show. this is the aircraft logbook.
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>> the father of police to barnes to win missing while visiting family met tonight to it the guardian angels. it is not clear what the next up is. we will bring the updates as it becomes available. prosecutors dropped the first degree assault. the attorney representing the african-american boy he allegedly hit is not pleased. he says he met with the state attorney yesterday and as the prosecutors are making any changes. they would not discuss the matter bur. >> they would said they would not prosecute on the charge of first-degree assault. >> can a state dismiss a felony charge? they are very pleased that decision. >> he still faces a second-
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degree assault and possession of deadly weapon charges. all armas demeanors. . all are misdemeanors. the boy shot in a surprise. >> he should have had to go to trial for a felony for the ladies and gentlemen of baltimore city. they took that off the table. >> it is november 19 when it happened. he was walking along falstaff road. a car followed the boy. the today to claim keeping step a wooden stick for safety. individuals got out in he was thrown to the ground and held down. they said "you do not be long around here. get out." >> when the crack in the head,
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you is serious injury. >> he was suspended after the incident. >> a massive roundup of wise guys. the rest happen today throughout the northeast. by daybreak, most of the wonder 27 members of crime families had been booked and charge. the crime state by date and include extortion, classic mob hit, and killings but t.
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>> many victims were shot in a public bar by a dispute over a spilled drink. this is an encouraging step forward in discouraging this operation. >> 800 fbi agents were being used in the biggest single-day mafia roundup ever. >> a newborn snatched 23 years ago as they get a turn. carlina white was only three days old and tuesday in for a hospital. after years of searching, the woman has been reunited with her mother. >> thank you it uses. thank you father. i had faith. >> the fbi says it'll assist the authorities in the case. so far, no one has been arrested.
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>> parts of the midwest remained blanketed by snow tonight. in kansas, nearly a foot was on the ground. in ohio, it does not the still causing problems of bidders know as well. -- but bitter snow as well. what can we expect? >> now your forecast with tom. >> it is all moving in from the west. there is some chilly air following us. do not blink. you might miss the snow. it'll only be around for a few hours pr. to the south, and there may be a little bit of light rain mixed in produce temperatures to our south have been a little bit warmer. this will cut across virginia
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tonight in head of to the coast as the head through the day. tomorrow it should be off the coast of cape cod. it is moving fast. there are advisory's up and down. you can see where the main impact of the storm will meet. they are stressed out from parts of kentucky through new england. in maryland, we are on the southern fringe of the activity and th. south of baltimore, it is double play much at all. it is colder near the border. a milder afternoon. it'll save as from a lot of snow. the fast movement will help save as for the rush hour. this is a little bit above normal. this system will be gone by sunrise.
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it to move very quickly. the more important feature maybe this cold front. this will come predicted the to mitchell's -- the temperatures will stay normal or fall. 35 degrees below zero. 35 degrees below at fairbanks. the cold air of the winter is on the way. at 5:00 a.m., the snow showers are passing by prad. after that, it is wind and cold. it is not going to warm up that much at all. only the northern tier has a chance for snow. now matriculation expected at all. if you are traveling north ease, it is heavier around boston. is gone bye sonow
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sunrise. it is going to kill real chili in the afternoon. a couple inches of snow. -- it is planned to feel real in the afternoon. a couple inches of snow. it will turn windy in the afternoon. 25 degrees for the high saturday. 15 degrees sunday morning. it'll be down around 10 degrees monday morning. we could be brought a little more snow. >> they are three months away from returning, the boys of summer. going of between $1.80 dollars per seat.
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riposted details at the reagans announced today their ticket prices are not going up next year. >> we expect to see gary williams going wild on at an acc game. tonight they really give them a reason to shed his composure. see why next on exports pr. >> here is the maryland drawing official. the debt but has an estimated and notified under $50,000. -- $580,0003. 42, 15, 29, 31, 4, and 1. 42, 15, 29, 31, 4 and 1.
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the jackpot climbs to $575,000 of notes claims this. the next drawing is next monday night.
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>> he summed up the third straight path season develope. were pressured to with the laws. they are keeping cameron. and the team like some as offensive coordinator did they remain optimistic that they can avoid a lockout. three years after hiring john a powerball, they had been a consistent winner. >> it becomes a self-inflicted wound. what are your choices? under the form? failed? it is not an option.
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our goal is to continue to win. emma's mean we are doing something where. >> they announced they will not raise ticket prices next season. today he signed on with the carolina panthers. he also continues to deal. he drilled with a -- dealt with eight interruptions. the ravens remain confident that the safety will return next season. michael will replace him in the pro ball. al saunders has a density --
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except to be offensive coordinator job with the oakland raiders. they stumbled to an awful start for them. they got off slow. a full nuclear meltdown as virginia tech opened. adrian is trying to keep it from being blown out. erin green.s ari williams had 11 points for the double double. shawn gets blocked. malcolm had a super night. paul they knock of maryland's
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74-58 per them after scoring all of their goals, they get to the schedule ahead tonight. they gave them the early 1-0 lead. a lead they would carry the rest of the way. stick around. we are back with a quick
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>> a black of arctic snow for the weekend. by monday morning, it is down. wow. >> they use it happens in winter. >> thank you for joining us. the night.
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